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Department of Digital Media Design and Postgraduate School of Media and Games Design
趙智勳 老師



【姓 名】:趙智勳
【職 級】:兼任教師

【學 歷】:

2008~ National Chengchi University (Taiwan)
International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies
2006~2008 National Chengchi University (Taiwan)
Master degree of International Taiwan Studies
1993~1997 University of Connecticut (US)
Bachelor of Business Administration in Marking
1990~1993 Georgetown Preparatory School (US)

 【經 歷】:

The Institute for Far Eastern Studies Kyungnam University
-Researcher of East Asia
Korea Bottle Design Center
-Design the plastic container or goods, glass bottle
-Marking Consulting (Design goods)
2003~2006 HanSeoul Co., Ltd.-Distribution Industry 
2002~2003 MC&G Holdings 
-Investment Company (Counseling, M&A, Investment in securities

【專 長】:

  • 媒體企劃
  • 媒體行銷與公關
  • Excellent problem-solving skills with attention to bottom-line. Able to read, analyze and interpret market information in order to make informed decisions. Strong project management skills and the ability to gain cooperation between groups and individual.

【信 箱】